Mexican Food & Drinks

Exclusive tequilas, gourmet coffee, delicious tortillas, beans and spicy chili. Specialties like Nopales, Mole at our online shop.

All the items we sell are from trusted brands, some of them we have them  exclusivety . The company is aware of the market tendencies and is continuously in search of new products for the European market.

Our objective is to offer competitive prices for top quality products. We do it through strategic alliances, flexibility and a solid and serious work ethic. 

Real food, really Mexican. It is definitely a statement of principles

"a la Mexicana"

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Product consolidation and supply chain. From product development to logistics

For generations our passion has always been Mexican food, we aim to bring the special flavors and colours of the Mexican cuisine to our customers worldwide. We are a team of skilled chefs, experienced managers and creative designers that combine the best qualities to provide an excellent service.

Now in its third generation, the company expands to Germany with new energy, fresh ideas and the same passion towards original spicy food.

Our goal is that you love Mexican food as much as we do.


Well-known and reputable brands of the most authentic Mexican flavours, the same Avocado-based products such oil and fresh guacamole, organic Agave syrup and Ficus (Nopal) powder, Piloncillo and other raw sugar cane derivatives.

Also you might find in our growing catalogues gourmet and exotic products, most of them organic certified and many others handmade, from pre-hispanic food like Chinicuiles, Chicharras and Pulque – based salsas to sophisticated Xoconostle mermelade or Morita raisin spread.

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